Planning for your session all starts with the location.  The time of year and style of portraits you want are all factors in making this decision.  Feel free to look through the galleries for location ideas, but we love for you to be creative!  

Clothing is a wonderful opportunity to let someone's personality shine!  Colorful, funky, trendy, fun, and comfortable items are always great choices.  Consider clothing with textures: chunky or cable knit sweaters and clothing with layers.  Clothing with texture adds dimension and interest to photographs.  I LOVE color!  Remember the focus is on your child/family, so what you select should reflect that.  Always remember this is how you want to remember your life, and don't force that little tom-boy into a dress, it's not her!   Celebrate who you are, and what makes you different... bring your guitar or skateboard, those are the things that set you apart! : )

Try to avoid more than one print on your clothing and large logos that could be distracting. Don’t worry too much about matching, but rather coordinate in similar colors.  A small color pallet is also helpful in large groups so your portraits don't become too busy.  Keep in mind the location you have chosen, and bring appropriate things for the look and feel of your photographs (ex: Blue jeans and boots on the Railroad & sundresses in the park.) Don’t forget other things like funky hats and scarves, boots, colorful tights – again, creativity is encouraged!