There is nothing that makes me happier than holding my camera and capturing life's beautiful moments.  Plain and simple.  Sometimes I think my camera should be surgically attached to my hip, that way I won't miss a thing.  Photography is not only a career choice for me, but a passion and the way my brain works.  Every moment I spend with my family I think, would I want to remember this?  And the answer is ALWAYS yes.  Our everyday lives are the best desciption of who we are as people, as families.  And they change entirely too fast.   

Since highschool I have had a camera in hand.  After experimenting with other forms of art, photography was naturally my choice.  I discovered though photography, the ability to perfectly freeze a moment with all it's beauty and emotion, and the satisfaction from this was immeasurable.  Even the smallest pinch in time can bring back waves of memories for us to re-live with every glance.  It is important for me to extend such a gift, and document moments of innocence, beauty and laughter for our children.  I want them to always remember who they are, how much they are loved, and the little things that make them special. 

It is an honor for me to step into a family's life and help them remember the love they have for each other. There is a wonderful satisfaction in making someone feel beautiful and putting your emotions on paper without using any words.  The most powerful images are those that represent life and tell our stories.  Often these images are so powerful that they go much deeper than the obvious and reach into our hearts and our souls.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and I would love to capture yours as you tell it...  I look forward to hearing from you.